• Attention Folks!

    This is not just another page builder. This is WordPress’s first design builder. And it’s revolutionary because…

  • It gives you amazingly deeper styling options than page builders

  • It works anywhere on your site via shortcodes, not just posts/pages

  • Its enhanced drag and drop system works without rows and columns

  • You are absolutely free to use it with or without your page builder

  • Set content automatically from posts/custom/pages or manually

  • Presenting

  • The iDesign

    For layouts that make you truly standout!

    iDesign is a revolutionary new tool that will push the boundaries of what is possible to achieve in creative web designing. It gives you amazing and easy control over your web designs unlike anything you have ever experienced before. You’ll never be locked in with a specific look again, always free to explore creative new layouts on any WordPress theme!

    If you want your web pages to step away from the generic look, to give them a personalized, memorable appeal, then you need an extraordinary new tool, and iDesign is here to fit the bill. You’re invited to come explore web designing in a whole new way!
  • Grids

  • Sliders

  • Metro

  • Tooltips

  • Portfolios

  • WooComm

  • Testimonials

  • Teasers

  • Banners

  • Filters

  • Quotes

  • Pagination

  • Team View

  • Logos

  • Hotspot

  • Features

  • Hover FX

  • Buttons

  • HTML

  • The iDesign Advantage
    • Can you use any page builder inside your footer, sidebar or widget areas? In fact can you use it to help you design anywhere expect the content area of your pages? Unfortunately, no. iDesign, on the other hand, can be used for creating designs for almost any part of your website that accepts shortcodes! Can you imagine the potential of being able to design content and adding it wherever you like? Even inside your page builder! The potential for convenience building creative designs anywhere on your website is endless..
    • Unlike page builders, iDesign lets you build without the annoying limitation of rows and columns! For the first time you can freely position and resize your web elements, which is something absolutely no page builder is capable of permitting. This feature included in its easy drag-and-drop interface alone is revolutionary for it’s potential! It takes away endless amount of struggles with rows and columns and helps you quickly experiment and arrive at awesome looking designs.
    • iDesign offers more styling options than you have ever seen in a single WordPress plugin! Each tile element sports dozens and dozens of customization options so its users have unprecedented power over the look of their web designs! It will feel amazingly enabling when you use it to build creative layouts for your website. It is a major relief to be able to conveniently style your web designs to this degree without touching a single line of CSS code. Newbie friendly, and saves a ton of time and effort for seasoned professionals!
    • iDesign is rated a full five star plugin! As a testament to its awesomeness, it is receiving perfect reviews from users and early adopters are branding it revolutionary new technology, a true game changer in the field of WordPress web design, a step up in power and flexibility that the field has long been waiting for, an addictive plugin that makes achieving creative designs so much simpler! It is being praised by both professional as well as amateur web designers for its ability at helping them build brilliant designs across their websites.
  • Some iDesign Presets
  • Feature Highlights (v1.4.0)
    • Font Awesome Integrated

      Choose from over 400 beautiful icons for your tiles and enjoy detailed customization for them including shadow and hover colors.

    • Responsive

      iDesign is automatically responsive straight out of the box, across all screen sizes. And it also gives you options for deciding its responsive behavior.

    • FreeFlow Blueprint

      Step up to the amazing feel of a liquid like blueprint where you create designs with amazing ease without struggling against rows within columns within columns…

    • 24 Tile Types

      Each tile type comes with a unique markup structure, most with custom animation, covering a wide range of purposes. Different tile types can be used within the same set.

    • Import/Export Supported

      Import/Export all designs via ‘Resources’ page or do it for individual designs, sets and even tiles for great convenience and efficient re-use of past material.

    • In-Depth Customization

      You’ll have no complaints going hands on with a boat load of styling options made available for each element of the tile, the tile itself and even the set and design.

    • Appear Animations

      Detects when set is within screen view and applies appear animation decided by the user. Select from 6 different animations to style your sets.

    • LightBox

      Lightbox can have different image than the tile, background color, pattern image and opacity can also be controlled individually for each tile.

    • Ajax Pagination

      For native posts as well as WooCommerce! Add elegance and smarter your designs with this nifty feature, awesome for hooking your traffic.

    • Native Slider

      iDesign features the easiest slider to create, position and resize. You can convert any grid into a slider/carousel, and it works full page width too!

    • Separate Hover Image

      Provide a different image on hover if needed. Hovered font awesome icons can have different style properties to create smart hover effects.

    • Filtering

      Attractively display portfolios with filters. The filter tabs themselves are also highly customization friendly in terms of their visual styling. 

    • WooComm. Integrated

      But ofcourse! Attractively display your woo products, style mini shop sections, add to sliders, paginate, use presets and generally pump up the value of your wares with iDesign.

    • Custom Classes

      Give different custom class to each set or even each tile within a set in order to target them individually for targeting via JS or CSS.

    • Mulitiple Links / Tile

      Add multiple links per tile, and for weight, choose different dimensions / animations per link, per tile.

    • Google Fonts Integrated

      The ‘Resources’ page offers a panel for conveniently managing your Google Fonts. The process is super simple and over 600 fonts wait to spoil you for choice!

    • Target Device With Content

      You can now display specific content on specific devices by simply adding device = “mobile/pc/tablet” to the shortcode. This makes the design only appear on the device specified!

    • Full Width Grids

      Create grids of any size, small ones for the footer, to larger ones for content area, or even check the option for making your grids go full width.

    • Raw HTML/JS

      You can add your own HTML as well as JS or CSS inside any tile via the “XHTML” button in the description element’s text input area box. This way your custom code will be rendered as well.

    • SEO Indexible

      All iDesign output is meant to be SEO indexible. And if you use the “indexible shortcode” option, then it will even be indexed by the WP search option!

    • ToolTip

      Adding a tooltip to any tile is easy. Inside any element’s settings, check the option for adding it to the tooltip. Optionally also check the option for hiding the element itself from the tile.

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    • "This plugin is a game changer. I absolutely love it. Had a small problem and the developer responded immediately and had it fixed within 2 hours. I would recommend it, but i'd also like to keep it to myself!"

      - Visualab

    • "Such a great plugin. Fantastic idea and implementation I'm just speechless. Good job by the developer"

      - Mrx02de

    • "Definitely took the WP creative process to the next level! Is impossible imagine all you can do with this plugin. Thanks for make my work easy, fast and FUN!"

      - Dluxenterprise

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