Welcome Tiles Features Presets Large

  • You may add as many tiles as you like in each grid!
  • Colors, dimensions, hover fx are all customizable!
  • All presets can be inter-used between categories!



Our team of expert caretakers will ensure round the clock service to create an incredibly peaceful cocoon as you unwind in paradise.


Dedicated study and market research combines with knowledge of up to date technology will ensure that clients receive full satisfaction.

Customization Note: To change the background for the tile, head over to Backgrounds>Tile and set colors for normal and mouse hover modes. It’s preferable to have a darker color for mouse over mode. You’ll also need to change the color in Backgrounds>Link. You would also need to change color for the header, which you can do it the ‘Text’ tab.


"Whether on the move or on the run, you can always rely on our tents. Affordable quality is our motto." - Tent Makers & Sons

Customization Note: If you want to change the color of the link button you can head over to Backgrounds>Link and then change colors for normal and mouse hover modes.



After a morning of fun and energetic adventures, spend your afternoon basking in the warm sunlight and cool breeze. Meditate in tranquility and let your soul relax.

White water rafting is one of the awesome features any retreat located in the Himalayan foothills can offer. It's one of those things that's in every adventurer's bucket list.

Customization Note: If you want to change the color of the link button you can head over to Backgrounds>Link and then change colors for normal and mouse hover modes.


Truly Mobile Optimized

Really optimized - tiles align bang in the screen centre, they break up and reform. Ways to accommodate low powered mobile phones as well.

Huge Set of Options

How many options is too many options? So long as you don’t have to deal with each, and can choose to set what you like, just bring ‘em on!

Extreme Control

Each tiny aspect of your Welcome Tiles comes under your control. So if you wish to truly unleash your creativity, this is the plugin to go with. 

Incredibly Flexible

The whole point of this plugin is that users get to build what they want, which is why it features remarkable flexibility to accomplish their vision.


Advanced CSS Effects

Today's modern web browsers offer amazing advanced CSS effects, however these remain woeful underutilized. Welcome Tiles presets tastefully avail such facilities where appropriate and users are given convenient animation options to control these settings.

Wide Variety of Presets

To keep things absolutely simple, and to demonstrate the plugin's potential, it comes equipped with dozens of beautiful presets for a wide variety of uses. Presets are fully customizable so you can change colors and other settings to blend them with your site design.

Truly Mobile Optimized

Mobile traffic is highly significant to many sites today, and certainly an asset to any, which is why Welcome Tiles is carefully mobile optimized. Tiles and their groups (called tiled yards) are responsive, so they will fluidly shrink and expand as per screen size.

Amazingly Versatile Uses

The dozens of available presets alone span a wide range of categories from recent posts to smarter images, feature boxes, notifications, and so on. You could be churning tiles out for plenty more uses once you start exploring its presentation potential.

Customization Note: Text Color can be changed via the ‘Text’ tab in Tile Design Specifications section. Next, if you wish to change the background color of the ribbons, head to Backgrounds>Title and change its color for ‘Mouse Hover’. Then go to Borders>Title and in mouse hover mode, change the color of border, in order to adjust color of the dark little tab on the right side of the ribbon. To remove the ribbon entirely, go to Dimensions>Title and select ‘none’ for ‘Ribbon’. The mouse hover color of the tile can be changed from light grey to anything you like if you go to Backgrounds and change the ‘Backgrounds on Mouse Hover’ color for ‘Tile’.



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Adventure. Fun. Vacation. Nature. Liberation.
You can't really put a price on these.

This summer liberate yourself and partake in the splendors of the himalyas. Vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis.

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